Caviness BPS Series Aluminum/Black Synthetic Boat Paddles

The BPS is our economical synthetic boat paddle and is now available in five great colors. Color matched blade and grip colors: Beige, Black, Yellow (Neon Orange and Olive Drab only available in 4’ - 6’). We now offer our 2-1/2’, 3’ and 3-1/2’ BPS paddles in Black, Beige or Yellow with color matched Palm or T-Grip. SPECS:: Blade Dimensions: 22" x 6-1/8" (4’-6’), 14” x 6-1/8“ (under 4’); Shaft Diameter: 1” (1-1/8” at hand position); Approximate Weight: 28 oz. (5’); Available Lengths: 2-1/2’ - 6’ in 6" increments; Grip Type: "Palm" or "T".


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